FUN: A Poem


Writing poetry at The Statue of Liberty made my day!


Loving Miss Liberty  

Boats brought them to her feet,
A plane, cab and ferry delivered me.
Years of standing strong
Gave hope to weather beaten lives from a far,And me from Florida.
As I approached
I surveyed her from each stately angle
Fully expecting her to be taller, but realizing she isn’t.  

It was comforting because
Proportionately her pedestal was higher than I had imagined.
Now I don’t feel so small.  

Maybe the point is
She elevates possibility
For them – processing and the pronouncing of freedom
For me – a majestic symbol of strength and a country
Open to individuals and their creative endeavors
Their hard work
Their joyous play
Their dreams.  

As their feet passed hers
Did they stop and see how she looked over them
While making major life transitions
Within her gaze?  

Dressed in a beautiful, flowing stone robe
She stands ready and ever alert to make sure
That those within her sight experience her gift – liberty.


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