FUN: A Poem about my Dream


The prompt for this was to being with the word Until and put another word or phrase behind it. Here’s my attempt.

Until my dream comes true

I’ll keep writing
And noting the details of life
While others sit in front of screens
Learning trivia
I’ll keep writing
In a notebook
On a computer
At my home
In my car
I’m never far from words- the bridge to the dream
Of writing for children
So they can have a moment of attention,
A touch of love
A hug of kindness
A smile of worth
Before someone says, “Goodnight”
And leaves in them in the dark
To dream their own dreams.

– Cheryl B. Lemine


2 thoughts on “FUN: A Poem about my Dream

  1. If you are interested in posting your poem I would be glad to take a look. Please make sure that your parents are good with you being online, OK? Looking forward to reading your work about your dream!


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