FUN: April is National Poetry Month and I’m Celebrating!


Last year I found and accepted a challenge: to write a poem a day in April in honor of National Poetry Month. My professional reading includes Writer’s Digest and I believe I found out about the challenge that way. This is my second year of participating and the great part is that the challenge is very open-ended. Each day, a poetry “prompt” (suggestion) is posted on Then I write. You can, too. Want to join me?  

Last year I made sure to post my poem each day on the website. It was exhilirating because people from all over the world participated simulateously. This year, I’m keeping one long Word document with my April poems inside. During the course of the month, I will be sharing several with you. Not all of them, but some.

Here’s an example: the prompt was to write a water poem.

This was my result:

This water poem was inspired by my time in Roanoke, Virginia as a child.

I remember…
      the smell of chlorine at our city pool.
      Summer days full of splashy times with friends.
      Marco Polo. Chicken Fights. And mandatory rest periods.
      Fifteen excruciating minutes each hour.

I hated…
    The double-whistle signal from on high.
     It meant to stop having fun.
     Sit on the sides of the pool, feet dangling downward
     While the refreshing tub of fun cooed and teased us…

     “Well, you’re almost half way in…”

I wish…
     That clean bleachy smell still meant summer days filled with splashy times and friends
     instead of cleaning that needs to be done over and over and over again.

I want…
     someone to blow a whistle and say, “STOP! REST!”
     Come prop up your feet and enjoy the magazine that arrived 4 months ago.
      Look at it as reading ahead to be prepared
      Instead of catching up because the truth is…

You can never recapture time passed.

–         Cheryl B. Lemine


 Just wondering: Have you ever written a poem? Do you have a favorite poem? If so, please post!


2 thoughts on “FUN: April is National Poetry Month and I’m Celebrating!

  1. Kara Jansen

    Here’s one I wrote for my dad last year for Father’s Day:

    The Hunter
    by Kara Huffaker Jansen

    Alone in the woods, sitting atop a tree
    Sits a man with his gun, feeling free.
    He waits patiently to get horns in sight
    To tell him when the timing is right.

    He picks up his gun and sets his aim
    Following the buck is part of the game.
    A shot rings throughout the wood
    Oh, what a beauty that’ll be on his hood!

    He poses for a picture showing off his skill
    With the 10-point buck that was his kill.
    The meat of the deer will make a nice stew
    The antlers will be mounted & displayed, too.

    This hunter that carefully shot the deer
    Is the man I hold in my heart so dear.
    He’s my father, I am honored to say
    And I wish him a Happy Father’s Day!


    • Wow, Kika! Especially special since I know the recipient. What a great gift. You really captured his interests and did a great job on this. Thank you for sharing your work! So proud of you! – cheryl


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