FUN: Shopping in the Bathroom


Beyond this door is a bathroom beyond belief!

With birthdays clicking by faster than I can get around the Internet I wonder if I will maintain my ability to notice differences and appreciate them. I think there’s hope.

Take the other day, for example. A dear friend whom I’ve known since 10th grade took me to lunch at a quaint café snuggly located within an antique mall near my home.

I would like to say we made wise decisions about our selections because we did indeed share the wonderfully moist turkey wrap with cranberries. We even split the peanut butter pie slice and my birthday lunch was as happy as if I had eaten twice as much.

 But back to the story.

You know it is an unwritten requirement in the code of womanhood for each and every restroom to be inspected at each and every establishment we visit. Thus, this birthday lunch ended no differently. We visited the bathroom and found a fun and shocking surprise!

There was practically a store beyond the door. Complete displays featured purchasable items both within the water closet rooms and in the area that housed the sinks. And then, there to the right of the paper towels, I notice something of which I had never seen in a bathroom – a guest book.

My friend and I simultaneously washed our hands and then dried them. We looked at each other upon the discovery and began flipping the pages to read the entries.

The guest book of humor.

“The pages are kind of wrinkly,” my friend commented.

“Indeed,” said the other woman there, who was straightening and rearranging displays.

She smiled while we snickered.

On a subsequent visit, I again inspected the facilities, tucked neatly away behind a beautiful white door adorned with a golden female bust silhouette. The entrance seemed almost royal in nature. This time, though, I was there to do research. Not on what to buy but on what more of those bathroom guests had scribbled and scrawled in the book with wrinkly pages.

Aside from the voluminous amount of text abbreviations by obviously younger female visitors, those who actually spelled out messages included ones like: “You make going to the potty so much fun!” “Perfect way to multitask!” and an entry from Dec., 2009, which read, “Christmas gifts galore. What a place to cogitate [think hard, ponder, meditate]!

And then there was a war of words, so to speak: “How many things have been touched by ladies who have just used the toilet but not yet washed their hands. Very unsanitary!” And the subsequent response: “Stop complaining! Don’t YOU touch anything.”

That, I must admit, made me smile!

I think the whole point of being able to shop in the bathroom is this: it’s a pleasant surprise to be greeted by beauty, glitter and glamour instead of stark white porcelain, sinks and paper towels.

This comment summed up my “appreciation factor”: “Such a girlie place! Best bathroom I’ve ever been in…makes you want to take a seat and appreciate it!”

These generous ladies allowed me to capture their surprise at the beauty beyond the door!

Then again, such bathrooms of beauty could cause concern if others are awaiting our return. “My husband was worried about me because I was in here so long!”

So, now you know:  shopping can take place in the bathroom. Whether or not you do is up to you, but I definitely concur with my favorite guest book comment and hereby officially bestow upon this bathroom the 2010 award for “best dressed powder room.”


2 thoughts on “FUN: Shopping in the Bathroom

    • In case others are wondering – the place my friend and I at is The Olde Florida Cafe, which is located within Avonlea Antique Mall. Yum yum and happy shopping the bathroom! – Cheryl


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