Fun: Hairy Idea – Update 1: 17 months and counting


It’s been a month since I decided to begin on my Rapunzel Quest – a 12- to 18-month project in which I will be growing my hair long enough to have 9″ to donate. By the time this occurs I will be at or near my 50th birthday and wanted to have a fun goal to work toward. My goal of snowskiing for the first time before 40 and in Colorado was successfully accomplished, but I wanted to take a non-life threatening approach to my next long term project! 

Today, Kerri – my stylist and once a month miracle worker – was amazed at the month’s worth of growth. She did an excellent job of helping with my frizz attack and I’m confident now that she really meant it when she said she’d keep me from having a mullet during the process.

Since I’m thinking this will actually take 18 months, I’m going to say only 17 more months to go. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Pantene program through which I’ll be donating my locks, take a look at

If you see the picture I posted on my previous post you can get an idea of how Kerri’s miracle looks.


2 thoughts on “Fun: Hairy Idea – Update 1: 17 months and counting

  1. Hillary

    Decisions, decisions. Now I am wondering if I should donate to this cause or Locks of Love. I cut my hair in 3 weeks!!!! I’ll send you photos.


    • Hil: I didn’t know about the pantene program until my hair stylist told me. I wish we were in the same area and could do this and have our hair cut at the same time! Three weeks! Wow. I’m only 16 months and 1 week behind you! – Cheryl


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