Family: Life is a Highway


I'm glad to be writing again!

Yes, the analogy is already a little dated, but the High School Muscial song, “Life is a Highway” is pretty descriptive of life at times, isn’t it?

Sometimes I’m in the left hand lane, zipping by, wondering what others are doing, but not interested enough to slow down. Other times I’m in the right hand lane, wondering what others are going so fast, but not interested enough to “step on it” and keep their pace. Sporadically, I’m in the center lane trying to keep my driving equillibrium. There’s a lot to watch from the middle and a lot of decisions to be made.

Personally, I prefer the two outside lanes.

The last two weeks caused me to take an unexpected blog hiatus. Looking back, I wonder how it happened.

Could it be that working 55+ hours for two consecutive weeks could eat into previously allotted time for sleep and blogging? I say yes.

So, I’m back. In the right-hand lane now just having accelerated from the on-ramp where I still find my wonderful family, my two sons with their more and more independent lives and three cats who always demand attention, feeding and chastisement for being where they’re not supposed to be.

Have you pulled off your life’s highway recently? Run out of gas? Have a figurative flat? Too tired dodging texters who drive? I’ll hang in the right lane if you’ll join me.

Come on! We’ve got places to go, people to meet and life to live!

Just wondering: What do you do specifically to “get back on the highway” in your life?


8 thoughts on “Family: Life is a Highway

  1. Cindy Coates

    Just recently I had a major blowout which took me off the road, I had a few tractor trailers come whizzing by me and a couple crazed texting drivers nearly ran me over. But, thankfully, I am back on the road – pulling into the slow lane. But the wheels are back on the car and they are rolling.

    Peace & hugs to you !


  2. Teri Wareing

    It’s nice to read your blog again, cuz! (Cool about the hair!)

    I just had a swerve in the road over the past few weeks, including a full stop with the couch as my destination — that nasty bug going around finally won. Being sick forced me to stay still, which gave me time to think.

    I wiped my slate clean of anything I didn’t feel I had to do. I was over committed and burned out. Suddenly, feeling healthy again, I realize it’s the choices I make. I think when faced with a choice, take a deep breath, take time to think it through, and most importantly look up before committing to turn in either direction. I think that’s the answer.


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