Fun and FAITH: 4 months and you still keep clicking…thank you!


Thanks for being there!


I don’t do this for the numbers. I do this because I believe that the next step in my professional writing is to build an online platform – that I am supposed to be writing – regularly and encouraging others through the gifts and skills God gave me. 

So, while I’m busy “doing that,” God keeps amazing me. He continues to turn everyday experiences into post-worthy entries, to encourage me through the opinions of those who are reading and to learn more about myself and Him in the process. 

I’m somewhat of a technophobe and the idea of writing didn’t scare me as much as the “upkeep” of a blog. I’m having fun, though, and hope you are as well. If you’re having enough fun reading perhaps you’d like automatic messages when I update. Simply click the purple button to the right.  As you can see, this is advertising-free and you and your contact information are safe.  

Since launching in October, my readers have clicked here more than 1,000 times. That’s probably more than enough for us to get collective carpel tunnel syndrome! 

Thank you for your support, hugs, ideas, prayers and the myriad of other blessings.  To celebrate this four-month-old milestone, I’m updating somewhat. A new little feature is the “about” button at the top. For some fun Cheryl-trivia take a peek. Maybe I’ll run a contest soon and award a prize to the first person to answer three questions. 

Until next time, be a blessing and make a difference – and please keep clicking my way! 

With appreciation, 


Just wondering: What do you do to celebrate achievements and milestones? How does God bless the efforts and action you take to propel yourself along in life? I’d love to hear YOUR story!


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