FAITH: My “tune up”


The Guiro sounded beautiful in my son's hands. He played the part he was to play.


My week ended on a high note.  

Even though most times, God repairs the weak areas in my mind and soul with music during church, tonight it happened at a District Honor Band concert where my youngest son was first chair percussionist.   

First, let me back up to put life in perspective. During the last week, my friend has experienced the passing of her last brother. Her other one died only six weeks ago. Today, only two days post, she’s telling me on the phone how she got to share Jesus with a co-worker who had come to pay respects!  

A 4-month-old baby in our church required open heart surgery. Surgeons were ready to fix several small holes and a large one, but prior God chose to close the small ones Himself. After all He is the Great Physician!  

My whole first semester of Power Point lessons and miscellaneous other documents for my creative writing students are now the squeakiest example of cleanliness thanks to my flash drive’s swim in the washing machine. That ranks right up there with flushing my cell phone (accidentally) but that’s another story. Suffice it to say that wearing a sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket housing a cell phone inside are not a good combination when pressing “the handle.”  

And then, there was tonight’s concert.  

I could spot him immediately by the way he moved around the stage immediately prior to the concert’s beginning. He has a confidence and a courage I rarely see in performers his age. I sat with my husband in our county’s largest high school’s auditorium toward the top of the seating. You know, moms always like to see everything! And it was that crowded.  

First the middle school district honor band took stage. It made me think back a few years to one of my son’s first of many band auditions. I never progressed to that level in my own musical background. Anyway instead of saying, “I know you’ll be fine,” I told him to make them [the judges] say, “Wow.” I don’t know where it came from but it became our little “you can do it” pep talk before most of his future auditions as well – even if I weren’t on-site and waiting for him.  

I enjoyed the middle school program and remembered him playing in that group a few short years ago. Today he’s in high school, and as the “first chair” he played the guiro, bells and the bass drum.  

I beamed as most parents do when they see their children perform. But he taught me a lesson: no matter what part you play, you can play it well.  

Isn’t that the lesson of being a Christ follower? Play the part(s) well Jesus has assigned to you. Don’t play someone else’s part. It won’t sound the same. Your part matters because it’s your part – specially designed for you and no one else.  

So, if  in my little slice of life, I have to recreate Power Point presentations and lessons, so be it. If my friend needs quiet company, prayer or a home-cooked dinner in the weeks ahead, I can do it. And if God can close the holes in a baby’s hurting heart, I can trust Him. Again. And again. And again.  

Now that’s the music of a beautiful life lived before others and pointing to God. May I stay “in tune” to what He tells me and play my part in harmony with His plan.  

Just wondering: How has God shown Himself to you during the past week? Has he surprised you with a new part to play?


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