unFUN: Not the last resort


 I feel helpless.  

I am watching students’ lives spin out of control and all I get to do is notify parents of violations to the district’s code of conduct.  

 I am saddened that such bright potential is so boisterous, disruptive and clueless about it all – thinking it hilarious that lying to me is a game of one-upsmanship among others to see who can cause me to “pop my cork.”  

 I am glad for a personal trainer and that I could head to my usual workout immediately after my day because I knew I would feel physically better afterward.  

 Thank you, God, for sweat.   

 I am glad for a husband who asks about my day and really means it.  

 He got to hear.  

I'm glad to know I can't handle it all and that God can.


 But I know someone else was listening as well – God.  

Back pedal from today to this past Sunday when I found out that a dear friend’s husband left her in November. She asked about my sister and I started to cry. “Just pray,” I whispered between breaths.  

We embraced and I told her I would be praying for her and that prayer was not a last resort.   

I say I believe that and I do. So before I turn on my “breathing machine” that helps my sleep apnea, before I pull the three layers of blankets up to my chin and turn to my left side to fall asleep – I will pray. For my friend. For students. For myself.  

I can’t carry these burdens.  

But Jesus can. The Bible tells me so.


9 thoughts on “unFUN: Not the last resort

  1. Margie Cash

    I’m so proud of you, Cheryl. This “blog” is truly inspiring. I’m forwarding it to my daughter who is a third grade teacher who sometimes feels she has the burdens of the world on her back.


  2. Maria Henley

    Cheryl ,

    What a blessing reading your blog. The day is bitter cold and Dan has made a roaring fire. I am truly enjoying reading your blog . Thank you for sharing…


    • Maria: Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I update twice weekly so I hope you will stay tuned and share the link with friends. I want God to use this to help draw followers closer and those thinking about faith to seriously consider it. – Cheryl


  3. Cindy Coates

    I am enjoying reading your blog Cheryl, you are writing the things of life that make us think and remember who we are and where we have been and most of all where we are going. I will keep you in my prayers sister.


    • Cindy: Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share it with others – even those who aren’t sure they believe yet – because I really want God to strengthen those of us who do and bring those closer who are considering! Thank you for your prayers. That is where my strength comes from! – Cheryl


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