Fun: Not really, but I’ll tell you why


I have a confession.

It’s about bad taste and my lack of a sufficiently savory cinnamon when it comes to my morning oatmeal.

Seriously, I want to be successful in my quest. But so far, my search efforts stink!

I’d tried the expensive stuff in glass jars from my grocery store – even the cheap stuff in little packets. (Stop shaking your head!) I sent one of my sons to a nationally known kitchen goods store, which only had sticks and jars of cinnamon sugar!

My journey even extended to an import store. While there, I stood scanning shelves hoping that SOMEWHERE in the world the perfect package of cinnamon had been shipped there so I would have the opportunity to experience happiness at breakfast.

Perhaps I’m a bit obsessive.

A bit? You say. OK. A lot! I just don’t understand why it’s so hard and so expensive to find a superior cinnamon. And if you’re going to tell me to just shred the sticks, I’m going to admit it – to the whole cyberworld. I’m lazy! And a little scared, too.

What should I do?

This morning madness hounds me as I microwave what my husband calls “cement porridge.” I even add vanilla flavored protein powder and parlay several squirts of spray butter before hesitating and staring at it – knowing that just one more simple flavor would be perfect.

Ah, cinnamon. Why do you elude me so?

Perhaps my blog readers can help solve this dilemma.

Otherwise, I’ll be forced to have bad taste – for the rest of my life!

Just wondering:
Do you know where I can find the perfect partner for my oatmeal? Please help me by posting your insight into spice. I’ll be forever grateful.


2 thoughts on “Fun: Not really, but I’ll tell you why

  1. Claire

    I got Cinnamon from Fresh Market in a little ziploc bag and I thought it tasted pretty good but this is coming from someone that only likes limited amounts of cinnamon – hence the reason I bought some there because I could get a small quantity rather than a ton that I would never use!!! So what specifically is it about all the ones you ahve tried that you don’t like?


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